Sunday, 6 May 2018


Hands up if you agree with what I’m about to say:

Exercise plays a vital role to the success of one’s career!


Uhmm, YES, of course I’m right! (I’m a leo, we’re always right 😊 )

Ok but seriously, let me explain why.

If, like me, you are starting your own business, or you’ve had it running for a few months or years - you must already be aware of the pressures of deadlines, aiming to be successful in every step, falling, getting up, falling, getting up again and...doing all of this while balancing life, personal growth, relationships, family and your career on a daily basis.

Which is why sometimes, I'm sure you desire to escape to an exotic island and bathe in the sun all day while sipping margaritas with Jensen Ackles and Channing Tatum. Because, let’s admit it, the exhaustion of reality can be unbearable. *Even though we love your jobs to bits and wouldn’t change it for the world!*

Slight adjustments though make it easier to achieve what we want. When exhaustion sets in, as contrary as it sounds, the best formula is - to get up on your feet and create a sweat!

And here are the reasons why:

Exercise rejuvenates the mind. It releases a chemical substance known as serotonin which is – and this is my best way to describe it - ‘a healthy feel good drug.’  The more happier or content you feel throughout the day, the more you’re able to achieve all your little goals which will, in time, add up to your ultimate goal/s.  
Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression and anxiety. If you are depressed or an anxious person, or even someone who gets angry easily (I suffer with anxiety), note that exercise plays a major role in helping to alleviate those obstacles. Believe me, I’m a less anxious person when I have an exercise routine going on. And those around me are happier too because I’m not constantly swearing them or telling them to wash their hands every minute.

Exercise replenishes your ENERGY levels so that you can take on the challenges of the day ahead. (You know that list of things you need to do daily…well it becomes easier to tick off if you have more energy and a focused mindset.  But be careful of over exhaustion, also known as a burnout. Putting TOO MANY things on your to do list each day is setting an unrealistic expectation and you will end up burning yourself out.)
When you exercise you are breathing in more oxygen and getting the blood flow going which results in a high boost of energy and and this allows your body to work more efficiently.

Exercise of course, keeps you healthy and fit! If you are someone starting off your career or you already have a business, I’m sure you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste by dying prematurely from an avoidable sickness. Nor do you want to spend more time in the hospital than at your desk creating and working if you can evade it. (Unless the nurse or doctor at the hospital is REALLY HOT. Ok, just kidding.)

After a day of exercise, you will realize how much better you sleep. Physical activity is a great way to guide you into the next day, because the rest you get after working out, permits the body and mind to relax and recharge itself during that six to eight hours of sleep we need. (Notice how people who work out often, wake up with vigor and are always ready to embrace the day.)


Exercise keeps your body at a healthy weight and this is a physical upliftment. Most of the time, when you are happier about your body and the way you look, you have more confidence and certainty in the person you are. This in turn, can steer you to seize opportunities for your career or for yourself when you need to - without insecurity blocking your path. Confidence is one of the biggest keys in having and maintaining a successful career. Even if you fail, which we all do many times, and that’s OK, it’s confidence that can keep us going. (And I’m talking about inner confidence as well!)

So there you have five points on why exercise is so essential to the person you are, especially if you are career focused.

But I know at this stage, you’re going to say, I don’t have time to exercise! I have a gazillion things to do each day! I get that…because I’ve said that on numerous occasions too.

Nevertheless, go to your planner and try to move things around a bit. Open up just thirty minutes a day for three to four days a week. It won’t be too difficult to do believe me.

Done…? Good.
‘Cos that’s all the time you need to exercise - half an hour a day; three to four times week!

Once you start on an exercise routine you will discover how amazing you look and feel, how much energy you have and how daily tasks don’t feel like a chore.

All in all, you get to be fit and you get to achieve goals in a much more productive manner and for me I think…that’s a pretty good package deal!

Remember though, exercise always goes in conjunction with healthy eating and drinking plenty of water. When it comes to eating, I’m not talking about crazy diets or starving yourself because that is the worst method you can choose to be healthy. Simply have three small meals and two or three snacks throughout the day and make certain that ninety-five percent of what you consume are saturated with nutritious bites. Leave five percent for some guilty pleasure treats like dark chocolate.

In my following blogs, I will show you some of the fun workouts I do and those that have made a positive impact in my life.

For now though, happy exercising and creating everyone!

Do you agree with me that exercise is an imperative step towards moulding a successful career? Let me know in the comments below.

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